Student prepares for graduation, jobs abroad

March 7, 2017

[cft] For Kira Womack (senior, communications media), graduation is only a few weeks away, but she already has major plans for after IUP, thanks in part to a summer internship and hard work over winter […]


Student emphasizes importance of social justice

March 3, 2017

[cft] Since coming to IUP, Justin Cobb (junior, communications media/religious studies) has become a socially conscious individual who promotes different causes that are important to him through activism, research and service trips. Cobb said he […]


Communications student lends hand for Super Bowl LI

February 21, 2017

[cft] Fox Sports took interest in an IUP communications media major from Downingtown with a passion for sports. Connor Joyce (senior) worked as a production assistant for Fox in Houston during Super Bowl LI. “It […]


Communications media doctoral candidate researches video games

February 7, 2017

Stephanie Bachman Lead News Writer S.L.Bachman2@iup.edu 02/07/2017 As an adjunct faculty member within the department of communications media, Ahmed Yousof (graduate, communications media and instructional technology), a doctoral candidate from Egypt, teaches 3D- and 2D-game […]


Senior hopes to improve outlook for disabled

January 31, 2017

[cft] The Ray Coppler Disability Awareness Award was created to give special recognition to a member of the IUP community who has made exemplary contributions to disability education, awareness and inclusiveness at IUP. Last spring, […]


Senior focuses on community service, Autism Awareness

January 24, 2017

As an active member of Phi Sigma Pi, Oktober Appleby (senior, disability services/child development and family relations) does a lot of service for the Indiana community, including serving as co-director of Autism Awareness Week. Phi […]

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Senior looks forward to student-teaching opportunity

January 5, 2017

Stephanie Bachman Lead News Writer S.L.Bachman2@iup.edu 12/17/16 Although many are accepting their degrees Saturday, some are still preparing for their final semesters or, as in the case of Brigid Louis (senior, middle-level education), they are […]

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Graduate student continues to star in TV show he helped create

November 18, 2016

Stephanie Bachman Lead News Writer S.L.Bachman2@iup.edu 11/15/16 After getting a bachelor’s degree in communications media last spring, Nick Tyson (graduate, adult education and communications technology) decided to continue his education at IUP, where he can […]


IUP percussionist teaches high school band

October 14, 2016

Stephanie Bachman Lead News Writer S.L.Bachman2@iup.edu 10/14/16   Zachary Everett (senior, music education) is a percussionist within the IUP music department who has achieved a lot since coming to IUP, including serving on the staff […]