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What the cool kids are doing: Hating Hillary Clinton

The Penn Staff the-penn@iup.edu   In the current political climate, it’s easy to find yourself bewildered and asking questions. How did we get here? What will happen next? Who is


The dangers of anonymity on social media

Yik Yak, an anonymous social media application available for Android and iOS, is used on many college campuses as a means of casual communication between anyone in the immediate area.

The Penn Staff

A step in the right direction

Pennsylvania recently joined 23 other U.S. states in the legalization of smokeless forms of medical marijuana. The House voted 149-46 in favor of Senate Bill 3 Wednesday, and Gov. Tom

The Penn Staff

April Showers Bring Great Entertainment

As the saying goes, April brings rain showers.  However, a sports fan would insist that the fourth month of the year provides many other things. While the title “March Madness”

The Penn Staff

Opening Day a reminder that we still hold baseball close

Sunday marked the return of America’s favorite pastime. The 114th season of Major League Baseball opened with the Pittsburgh Pirates hosting the St. Louis Cardinals in front of a packed


Awards show right to tackle #OscarsSoWhite

The Academy Awards had no shortage of stars grace the Dolby Theatre stage Sunday, and host Chris Rock didn’t hesitate to make mention of the Oscars’ infamous lack of nominee

The Penn Staff

Staying motivated midsemester

The middle of the semester is fast approaching, and before you know it, the end will be in sight. As tests and projects mount up and stress potentially builds, it’s

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Editorial: Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers

  It is easy to see Valentine’s Day as a time to be bitter about love lost, love lacking or love fleeting. We find the aisles of our local supermarkets


Avoiding the next “Snowzilla”

Nobody knows what each winter season will bring, whether it be snow, sleet, hail or all of the above.  But in the case of the recent, massive winter storm dubbed

Opinion The Penn Staff

What we’re really asking for is…

The holidays are fast approaching, and for many, it’s time to start filling out wish lists to give loved ones. For some, it might be an iPhone, for others, tickets

Opinion The Penn Staff

Don’t fret Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is here. But instead of actively avoiding the inevitable black cats of mishap and steering clear of any unoccupied ladders, why not embrace this weekend – and

Opinion The Penn Staff

Mizzou resignation’s a curious one

In the midst of several protests over racial tensions at its flagship campus in Columbia, Mo., the president and chancellor of the University of Missouri, Timothy M. Wolfe, resigned Monday