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‘The Hairy Ape’ opens in Waller Hall

[cft] “The Hairy Ape” opened last Thursday in Waller Hall Auditorium and continues to run Wednesday through Saturday with four more performances all starting at 8 p.m. “The Hairy Ape”

Theater Wet Ink

‘She Kills Monsters:’ From NYC to IUP

[cft] Two years ago in New York City, Michael Hood, the dean of the College of Fine Arts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, saw “She Kills Monsters.” Now, Hood’s brought

Theater Wet Ink

Boda-Sutton’s vision becomes ‘Gabriel’s Dream’

[cft] It’s a show Indiana University of Pennsylvania professor Holly Boda-Sutton has wanted to choreograph for 15 years. Now, she finally feels she has the right cast to do it.

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“I and You” is a charming, heartfelt comedy

[cft] The following is an opinion column. “I am this mystery, so here we stand.” A double-casted, two-person show premiered Thursday at 8 p.m. at Theater-by-the-Grove, its first production of

Theater Wet Ink

Alpha Psi Omega brings back 24-Hour Theater

[cft] A tradition that has been missing for the past four years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania  will return 8 p.m. Friday in the Waller Hall Studio Theater. 24-Hour Theater

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Two-person show ‘The Guys’ premieres in Waller Hall Friday

[cft] A two-person drama titled “The Guys,” penned by award-winning playwright Anne Nelson, premieres in Waller Hall’s studio Friday. Based on Nelson’s own experiences, the play examines the aftereffects of

Theater Wet Ink

‘Into the Woods’ premiered at Theater-by-the-Grove Thursday

[cft] The latest Theater-by-the-Grove performance, “Into the Woods,” premiered at Fisher Auditorium Thursday and had its last performance Sunday. “Into the Woods” combines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy

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Student-run production focusing on friendship, adversity premieres Friday at IUP

[cft] An entirely student-run production of the contemporary drama “Adam & Steve and the Empty Sea” premieres Friday in Waller Hall’s studio theater. The play, penned by New York City

Andrew Milliken Theater Wet Ink

‘Soldier’s Heart,’ a heart-wrenching drama, premieres Friday

[cft] Sexual assault and post-traumatic stress disorder plague a soldier returning from Iraq  in  Indiana  University of Pennsylvania’s production of “Soldier’s Heart,” a gut-wrenching  drama by award-winning playwright Tammy Ryan.

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Senior theater major takes the stage alone in one man show

[cft] “They say that if you shoot for the moon, you’ll land among the stars. But who’s to say they’ll catch your fall?” Jeremiah Gibbons (senior, theater) will take the