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Cozy Corner offers ‘slow-food’

The Gatti Pharmacy at 701 Philadelphia St. is not merely the self-proclaimed “know you by name” pharmacy downtown. The building also houses Cozy Corner Cafe, an eatery committed to “good, wholesome food,”


Another superhero bites the dust

SPOILERS AHEAD: Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is dead, and fans across the web are in a frenzy. Peter Parker met his demise at the hands of Doctor Octopus in December’s


The Indiana Theater re-opens

The Indiana Theater served as the perfect escape from the icy rain, welcoming community members, students, musicians and music enthusiasts with an open stage on Wednesday. The event was hosted


On-campus theater: ‘Livingstone’ to close fall season, Keystone to open over winter break

This week closes the fall Theater By The Grove season with a piece written and directed by Jeanie Marie Brown, a member of IUP’s theater faculty, “The Livingstone Project.” The play is


A president, a boyscout and a spy walk into a bar

Every August, when the summer blockbuster-movie season dies down, Oscar season begins. All the movie studios save their proposed best films for release between September and the end of the


‘Tost & Turned’ actors’ share experience

I sit alone on the edge of the stage, the hot lights shining on me. I stare out at the empty seats, the audience long since departed. My fellow actors


‘Shrek the Musical’ brings live-action fantasy to Fisher stage

Since 2001, “Shrek” has captivated audience members of all ages through the exciting, outrageously funny fairy tale with a twist. Now fans of Shrek have the chance to see their


Deck your wardrobe with the perfect holiday outfit

The long-awaited holidays are drawing near. The time for hot-chocolate, ugly Christmas sweaters and heavy, winter jackets is fast-approaching. Along with all that comes ice-skating, Christmas parties and caroling with


Classic holiday films that never get old – almost

As Christmastime approaches, it brings along thoughts of togetherness. Families gathering together to exchange gifts, eat dinners and generally bask in the glow of the season. Unfortunately, you can only


Hair inspiration from the 2013 Spring runway

In the game of fashion, women are always looking for new ways to play. Now, step up your game with a “secret weapon” you already possess: your hair. “Your hair


Stay inspired throughout winter-coat season with a few styling tips

Icy cold temperatures that make your eyes water. Blustery winds that rip through campus sidewalks knocking over anything in their path. Icy snow that, once it stops, doesn’t take a


‘Gangnam Style’ surpasses Bieber’s ‘Baby,’ what does this say about American culture?

In what world would the music videos for PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby” be the most viewed on YouTube? Our world. Although YouTube, which was founded in 2005,