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No ramen no problem: buffalo chicken dip

Anywhere you go that has buffalo chicken dip, chances are you’re going to dig in! It is a common dish to converse over watching a football game, a TV premier

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No Ramen, No Problem: English Muffin Pizza

Many college student’s go-to dinner is pizza.  It is quick, convenient and delicious. It may not be the most nutritionally balanced meal, but there are additions or swaps you can

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No Ramen, No Problem: Chicken Tacos

Cooking in college is not impossible – it just takes courage. Experimenting, testing and undoubtedly failing is the name of the game. Try mixing ingredients, flavors and side dishes this

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No ramen, no problem 05/01/2015

Breakfast is often the meal that is skipped the most within the student community. While it is the most nourishing, it is also the most cost-effective, satisfying one’s hunger. Breakfast

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Goodbye winter blues, hello sweet summertime drinks in the sun

When the snow melts away at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and gives way to temperatures finally above 30 degrees, summer hopefuls come out of hibernation and onto their porches with

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No Ramen, No problem: Green Bean Casserole

Toward the end of the semester, many students crave a home-cooked meal. With Thanksgiving almost a week away, it’s hard not to think about turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing piled

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French Club visits Pittsburgh for a cultural culinary experience

Pittsburgh, known to many as the Steel City, also happens to be the cultural hub of western Pennsylvania. Students in Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s French Club will indulge in just

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Halloween candy transition taking a healthy turn to trick-or-treating

Halloween, the holiday infamously known for cavities and sugary treats, may be taking a healthier turn at Indiana University of Pennsylvania this year. Passing out fruit, drinks or even pencils

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Commonplace Coffeehouse and Roastery holds week-day deals, ‘Hours of Joy’

As we wade our way through the mid-semester doldrums – with Thanksgiving break still so far away – those early mornings and late nights start to eat away at the

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No Ramen, No Problem: Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu

For college students, eating out is simple. But only so many hamburgers or pizzas can be eaten before a home-cooked meal is desired.  The ability to balance the intake of

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Vegetarian dining opportunities for students

Although Indiana University of Pennsylvania was established almost 140 years ago, that doesn’t mean it’s not modern in its ways, especially when it comes to dining options. It’s no secret

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No Ramen, No Problem 9/30/2014

It’s often hard for college students to get the nutrients they need to be healthy in the food that is easiest and cheapest to make. It’s easier to eat more