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Indiana has full-rain eclipse Thursday, causes confusion

Indiana experienced its first full-rain eclipse of the year Thursday. Students in water-logged Uggs and sullen spirits were confused by the severe thunder warning and high winds that seemingly came

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Crimson Hoax: Local salesman passes away despite raging success

Gerald Earl Xavier, known to his friends simply as “GEX,” passed away silently Thursday night. GEX worked as a salesman in the area, peddling a limited variety of goods, most

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Crimson Hoax: Police horses hold press conference regarding IUPattys

Fearing the possible influx of erroneous behaviors and ill-planned ideas of IUPattys weekend, Indiana University of Pennylvania students’ uproarious celebration, the horse officers of Indiana Borough Police held a press conference

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Crimson Hoax: Students let off steam in first Winter Support Group

“Just as penguins huddle together for warmth,” Sean Lolley (senior, nomadic studies) said Thursday night in Eicher Hall, “we will stand together.” This was the main message of Indiana University

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Student takes out book for Valentine’s Day

Staying in and cuddling with that special someone was the chosen activity of senior Bryan Kinder (bibliophilia) over Valentine’s Day weekend. But Kinder’s special someone wasn’t a person this year.

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Harding says ‘less is more’ with attributions

Gail Harding, author of the writing studies book “Short and Sweet,” gave an exclusive interview on the proper way of writing attributions in news stories in the Commonplace Coffeehouse &

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Crimson Hoax: Police horses party, live up to name

An important sector of the police force in Indiana, the horse officers, unanimously decided on Thursday to trade in their badges for mardi gras beads. Instead of working with their

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Crimson Hoax: New jungle gym near Stapleton Library to become building?

This semester, what many students assumed to be a new jungle gym near Stapleton Library is beginning to look suspiciously more like a building than a large playground structure. Various

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Crimson Hoax: 01/23/2015

The moon normally goes through eight different phases; however, a new stage was introduced: the goth phase. When a moon is in the “goth phase,” it looks like a full

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Ghost abandons Keith Hall due to building conditions

Local Ghost, Bill Spector 238, decided to abandon Keith Hall due to the state of the building. “Keith Hall has become a decrepit, shabby and frightening fixture, Spector 238 said

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Squirrels get their revenge for disturbance in Oak Grove

There is no better way to unwind after a long school day than to sit under a tree in the Oak Grove and dive into a good book. Until an

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Professor prepares for personal midterm

It’s that time of the semester again when students – and one special teacher  – at Indiana University of Pennsylvania all prepare for midterm exams. Dr. Drew Blurry, of the