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Crimson Hoax: Starbucks’ holiday cup changes spark national controversy

Monday, Starbucks locations across the United States switched from their white, traditional cups to their red, holiday cups. Often seen as a merry sign of the upcoming holidays, this year’s

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Crimson Hoax: back-patting becomes the new way for friends to say goodbye

A somber parting of ways turned triumphant Friday when two friends swapped the best round of back-patting they had ever experienced. At a small gathering to celebrate a close friend

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Crimson Hoax: Additional arches to be erected

Months after the completion of the newest arch on campus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania has announced its plan to build 30 more arches within the next two years. The newest

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Crimson Hoax: homecoming cancelled, squirrels on the loose

Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s homecoming football game has been completely cancelled and two students have been reported missing as a result of the rapid flooding that occurred late last night.

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Crimson Hoax: Banjo left unscathed after large burglary

A home in the 400 block of Locust Street was rampaged Friday night while the residents were away. An Indiana first, the student-rented home was virtually wiped clean. When Indiana

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Crimson Hoax: Weather taking toll on students

On Tuesday, two Indiana University of Pennsylvania students – Alexis Saylor (junior, pre-med) and David Edwards (freshman, philanthropy) – entered the emergency room for completely opposite ailments. Saylor was admitted

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Crimson Hoax: student snatches food from HUB

Becky Zebereski (freshman, Netflix studies), of Brockport, was recently sentenced to five years in prison for stealing roughly $500 worth of food from the Hadley Union Building (HUB). Items stolen

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Crimson Hoax: IUP scientists say squirrels are incapable of love

No. Scientists have discovered that squirrels are not capable of love. Dr. Bucky Forest of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania department of squirrel sciences has been studying the romantic activity

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Crimson Hoax — Surprise: Trump visits IUP

In an unexpected political move, Donald Trump visited Indiana University of Pennsylvania Sunday to rate things. Trump, who has been leading the GOP polls among registered Republican voters since July,

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Graduating senior prepared to enter real world

His future is living up to his name. A week away from graduation, senior Cory Bright (crisis aversion) is completely ready for the rest of his life. Bright’s mother, Cheryl,

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Crimson Hoax: Friendship ends over ambiguous tweet

Friendship isn’t always forever. It’s been long known that friendships can end over a disagreement, distance or a mutual love interest. Tuesday, students of Indiana University of Pennsylvania witnessed a

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Student loses I-Card, loses self

When Marie Souldner (sophomore, grieving studies) lost her I-Card in the HUB II Wednesday, she claimed to have lost a vital part of herself, too. “I know it’s just a