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Clique segregation affects sports

This is a satirical news column. With the new semester came significant changes in leadership amongst campus clubs, notably the men’s rugby team. Christopher Schilling (senior, biology) accepted the role

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Trump wants to ax PBS, but especially PBS Kids

This is a satirical news article. Thursday morning, President Donald Trump told his 10-year-old son, Barron Trump, the real reason he plans to end PBS, PBS Kids and NPR. “Of

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Crimson Hoax: Choking in championship games continues with an IUP upset

This is a satirical news article. The streak of choking during crunch time of championship games continued this week here at IUP. The university’s No. 1-ranked rowing team took on

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Crimson Hoax: Dispute over attention brings White House press secretary to IUP

This is a satirical news column. Sadie Smith (freshman, executive politics) brought her new dog, Trouble – an orange Whippet – to the Oak Grove Sunday afternoon for a walk.

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Crimson Hoax: IUP to shorten winter breaks

This is a satirical news column. After several complaints from parents and faculty, university administrators have decided to shorten winter break to two weeks in the upcoming year. “We are

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Crimson Hoax: Senator Sanders could be the next president of the U.S.

Nikki Santiago Staff Writer Bernie Sanders could be considered for the presidency once again as of Tuesday night. According to an NNC report, a scandal has revealed that most

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Crimson Hoax: Horoscopes

Jason Daquelente Culture Editor This is a satirical news article. Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Assert yourself and don’t let anyone sway your thoughts. You know she’s the

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Crimson Hoax: Cancellation of Thanksgiving break outrages students

Samantha Bell Lead Culture Writer This is a satirical news column. IUP officials have decided to cancel Thanksgiving break in light of the recent faculty strike. Although it is

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Homecoming events inspire police to issue martial law

Nicolette Querry Staff Writer N.M.Querry This is a Satirical News Column Out-of-hand homecoming events have forced Indiana Borough police to place campus under martial law. Martial law gives the military

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(Mac) Miller Lite specials that aren’t for lightweights

Seth Woolcock Staff Writer IUP’s campus played host Thursday night to the Pennsylvania-born rapper Mac Miller as part of the 2016 IUP Homecoming festivities. Miller kicked off the annual

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Crimson Hoax: Bad news hits Class of 2016 on eve of graduation

The Class of 2016 is faced with some heartbreaking news, as thousands of businesses announced Friday that they are no longer accepting four-year degrees as a valid form of education.

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Crimson Hoax: New marine department spawns from IUP’s humanities building

The following is a satirical news column: The spring semester got off to a roaring start for IUP’s newly formed department of marine studies Wednesday afternoon.  Several dozen people showed