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Blast to the past: Best NickToons of the ’90’s

With talk of “NickToons,” a Nickelodeon and Paramount Picture film that will feature former Nickelodeon cartoon icons, it’s only right to reminisce on the top five former NickToons of all

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Get your roses ready: The top 5 best ‘Bachelors’

The following is an opinion story: Women of all ages adore Monday night television for one reason and one reason only: “The Bachelor.” It does not matter if women are

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Rihanna roars back with new album, ‘Anti’

Rihanna’s “Anti” is a compilation of hard-hitting emotional epics. The album is the R&B artist’s eighth studio release, and it’s been long awaited. Rihanna went three years without releasing an

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Bring ’em back: 5 TV shows that need a reunion

Nearly 12 years after the series finale of “Friends,” the cast is reuniting for a special, which will premiere Feb. 21. With “Full House” and “Gilmore Girls” also working on

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Commercial Classics: 5 great Super Bowl ads

The Super Bowl is the most-watched televised event in America.  Most people tune in for the football game, but many also tune in for the commercials.  Over the years, there

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Apps on apps on apps: Five best little-known additions for your smartphone

Countless apps are being developed all the time, so it would be impossible to peruse every single one. But beyond games and social media, some apps are more useful than

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#OscarsSoWhite sparks Academy changes

The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite popped up on Twitter and various other social media platforms when the Academy of Picture Arts and Sciences released the nominees for the Oscars, sacred to anyone

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Panic! At The Disco returns – with one sole member

“Death of a Bachelor,” released Jan. 15, is the fifth studio album from Panic! At The Disco, with frontman Brendon Urie as the sole remaining member of the band. Urie

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Top 10 artists you’ve never heard of (but should’ve)

This article contains opinion. This year has shown a lot of promise for a fresh music scene. Here are 10 artists you should be adding to your Spotify playlist: 1.

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Back in time: JT had best album of ’06

This article contains opinion. Recalling things from 10 years ago can be difficult, but taking a musical approach really puts those years into perspective. It is hard to believe that