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Out of Bounds: FIBA World Cup brings unique entertainment

Although the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) World Cup for men’s basketball tournament may tend to be slightly less invigorating – not to mention more anti-climactic – than the Olympics when

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Out of Bounds: NHL expansion

The talk of expansion in the National Hockey League increased in intensity over the months, with four possible locations receiving expansion teams. A report came out in late August stating

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Controversy swirling around Atlanta Hawks general manager

Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry has taken an indefinite leave of absence in the midst of the racially charged controversy surrounding the team. In June, 2014, the Hawks ownership

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‘We Are’: A Commentary on Penn State

Seven hundred and eighty seven days following a ban that was ruled worse than “the death penalty” by some sports analysts and journalists, Penn State football is eligible for a

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Rash of NFL domestic abuse cases must stop

The National Football League has a major problem on its hands. It is a problem that will threaten the entire brand if it is not dealt with immediately. That problem

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Examining the uniqueness, that trailblazer that is Michael Sam

All it took was 10 words for one man to change history. Ten words to redefine a culture that has never seen change quite like this before: “I’m Michael Sam.

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As NFL draft draws closer, teams begin to pull cards closer

With the NFL draft occurring in less than a week, one practice, implemented by all 32 teams, will be in full force, and that is the employment of smokescreens. A

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IUP among nine state schools being accused of Title IX breach

A women’s advocacy group has filed a complaint accusing nine Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education schools, including Indiana University of Pennsylvania, of violating Title IX. The complaint, filed April

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Out of Bounds: A Love Letter to the Stanley Cup

  There is a sense of urgency and excitement around the month of April, not just for the start of spring but for the start of the NHL and NBA

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Out of Bounds: Plenty of players expected to be on the move in NFL free agency

The last game of the NFL season was played more than a month ago, but it’s arguable football never truly ends. That notion will be exemplified starting Tuesday when teams

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Out of Bounds: Michael Sam given ‘Tebow effect’ by media

Michael Sam may differ greatly from Tim Tebow in terms of his beliefs, but he’s certainly taken after the former Broncos and Jets quarterback in one way – and not

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Michael Sam becomes first openly gay NFL draft prospect

  Over the entire existence of professional football, every single player has been known by the public as a heterosexual…until now. Former University of Missouri defensive lineman and NFL draft