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Spring break: Should you stay or should you go?

Spending every weekend at college is great. It’s the perfect three-day vacation (if you count Fridays) when one can catch up on the schoolwork that has been building up in


He said, she said

What people say is not as important as what they do. In the aftermath of Trump’s speech Tuesday, media outlets around the world have been focusing on providing descriptions, analysis


College: A world of Ws and Ls (but mostly Ls)

Alexandria Mansfield News Editor A.M.Mansfield@iup.edu As a puff of watermelon-scented smoke clouded my vision and assailed my senses, I narrowly avoided the oncoming man on a longboard who apparently felt


White House priorities: Do I look fat in this sketch?

Amidst the good news regarding the halt in production of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, dozens of celebrities and political figures ranging from former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley to movie

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A Thanksgiving spent in Standing Rock

Kevin Smith Photo Editor K.M.Smith11@iup.edu Over Thanksgiving break, The Penn photo editor Kevin Smith  took a trip to Standing Rock, the Sioux reservation in North Dakota where thousands are protesting

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Crimson Hoax: Horoscopes

Jason Daquelente Culture Editor J.E.Daquelente@iup.edu This is a satirical news article. Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Assert yourself and don’t let anyone sway your thoughts. You know she’s the


Our choice: We’re with her

As editors of The Penn, IUP’s self-proclaimed student voice, we believe it is our duty to endorse the candidate we feel is the better candidate for students. The Penn endorses

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Matt Bellassai ‘whine(d) about it’ all on stage

Kristy Shearer Contributing Writer K.A.Shearer@iup.edu This article contains opinion: Matt Bellassai is one of those people who just says whatever he wants. His jokes just so happen to be all

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Crimson Hoax: Cancellation of Thanksgiving break outrages students

Samantha Bell Lead Culture Writer S.M.Bell@iup.edu This is a satirical news column. IUP officials have decided to cancel Thanksgiving break in light of the recent faculty strike. Although it is


What happens on homecoming weekend stays on the internet

The Penn Staff 10/14/2016 As homecoming veterans may be able to tell you, this weekend tends to light up like the Vegas Strip. It is easy to get lost in


Change to report policy yields lack of transparency

The Penn Staff 10/14/2016 Readers of The Penn may have noticed that there has been a significant lack of items being offered in the police blotter section. We would like


Trump’s apology for ‘locker room talk’ is rape culture in a nutshell

Donald Trump’s lust for attention hasn’t been a secret throughout his campaign. The candidate has mocked the disabled, alleged that certain ethnic or religious groups are murderers and degraded women