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Why objective moderators are important to political debates

The Penn Staff Last night, two fierce, trash-talking, badly bruised rivals went head-to-head in a brutal battle for domination. For those of you who were busy watching the Saints and


Clowning Around: We just hope this whole thing’s a sick joke

The latest phenomenon to hit the nation – and the East Coast in particular – has been what many have referred to as “the clown sightings.” Initially, this makes many


Not in our house: It’s time to set aside differences, come together

It’s early morning, and you and your brother get into an argument over one of you finishing the milk. This argument lasts into the afternoon as you both are sitting

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What the cool kids are doing: Hating Hillary Clinton

The Penn Staff the-penn@iup.edu   In the current political climate, it’s easy to find yourself bewildered and asking questions. How did we get here? What will happen next? Who is


A letter to the delinquents, by Michael Kiwak

11 days. That number holds personal significance beyond it being the amount of days before college graduation. 11 is also the age I consider as my crash course to the


The dangers of anonymity on social media

[cft] Yik Yak, an anonymous social media application available for Android and iOS, is used on many college campuses as a means of casual communication between anyone in the immediate


IUPolitique: Sifting through the candidates a necessary step in ugly 2016 race

[cft]   The following is an opinion. Day by day, state by state, America creeps closer to a presidential election that unfortunately finds itself driven by heaping portions of distaste


Awards show right to tackle #OscarsSoWhite

[cft] The Academy Awards had no shortage of stars grace the Dolby Theatre stage Sunday, and host Chris Rock didn’t hesitate to make mention of the Oscars’ infamous lack of

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Editorial: Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers

[cft]   It is easy to see Valentine’s Day as a time to be bitter about love lost, love lacking or love fleeting. We find the aisles of our local

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Restaurant Review: Crouse’s Cafe

[cft]   The following is an opinion article. Convenience, consistency and customer service. That’s what Crouse’s Cafe provides. Located in the heart of Indiana at 6oo Philadelphia St., Crouse’s Cafe