Trumpeters to assemble for ensemble performance

Renée Williamson, Staff Writer,

The IUP Trumpet Ensemble will perform at 8 p.m. Tuesday in Gorell Recital Hall.

The group is made up of trumpeters and features music that showcases the specific attributes of trumpets.

“I think it’s a unique opportunity for my students to play with just our instruments,” Kevin Eisensmith, IUP trumpet professor, said. “Playing in a band, playing in an orchestra is fun, but trumpet ensemble is unique to the things that we do.”

The trumpet ensemble usually puts on one concert per semester. Students from the ensemble carry out various performances throughout the school year.

“Occasionally, smaller groups of students [are] invited to go play for a church service or another type of activity,” Eisensmith said. “I occasionally do school visitations where I take smaller groups of students out to play. We’ve not done that this semester, but it’s something that I’ve done in the past. There are performing opportunities for the students.”

Maria Baldoni (junior, music education) is a musician in the ensemble who fits personal trumpet practice in with her schedule.

“I try to fit in at least half an hour every day at the very least,” Baldoni said. “Some days I can get between half an hour and two hours in at one time.”

Eisensmith requires the students in the ensemble to be members of the International Trumpet Guild (ITG).

“I think it’s important for them, as trumpet players, to understand the world of trumpet playing,” Eisensmith said.

These trumpet players attend a conference each year hosted by the ITG during which they have the chance to interact with prominent musicians in the trumpet industry. This year’s conference will take place in May in Hershey.

“Some of the most famous trumpet players alive will be at this conference, and my students get a chance to meet them, to hear them play, in some cases maybe even have a lesson with them,” Eisensmith said. “So it’s a big deal for them to go to this conference and be participants. This is part of the further education for my students to understand how good they can become with their instrument.”

The ensemble has been chosen to perform at this year’s ITG conference. They will be performing “Even When He is Silent,” which will be featured at Tuesday’s concert.