Brown Hotel makes new accommodations

Reneé Williamson, Staff Writer,

The Brown Hotel introduced its re-established music venue to Indiana April 10.

Some of the venue’s modifications include a major alcohol policy change.

“Instead of being with the state liquor license, we’re BYOB (bring your own bottle) now,” said Sean Howard, The Brown Hotel manager. “If you’re 21 and older, you can bring your own beverages, but if you’re 20 and younger, you can still come in and enjoy the show.”

Admission to all shows will be 18 years and older.

The Brown has made interior renovations to change the focus from its beverage services to its music services. The venue has replaced its horseshoe bar with a smaller mixing station, which results in more space for the audience to lounge while watching the shows.

“Basically, instead of this being thought of as a bar, we’re changing it to The Brown Hotel Music Club & Restaurant,” Howard said. “We’re really putting the focus on the musical part of this.”

The Brown Hotel is now offering membership that includes free corkage at the mixing station among other benefits.

“We’re having a membership base that works for musicians, listeners and people who just want to have more say in their atmosphere when they go out,” Howard said. “There’s a lot to it for the entail. But, it’s $30 a month with a plethora of member benefits. The policy is going to change a lot in the first few weeks.”

Contact The Brown Hotel for more information about its membership opportunities.

Since it’s re-establishment, The Brown Hotel has conducted its regular shows, such as Tuesday Open Mic Night and Jazz Open Jam with DK Anderson.

“It went really well,” Howard said. “Everybody is really excited. It’s creating a new buzz. It’s different. That’s the thing everyone has to realize. It’s trying a new approach at a thing that we all like to do.”

Howard also wanted to reshape The Brown Hotel to add something different to Indiana.

“Just to remain competitive in town,” Howard said. “It’s more of looking at it long term and what could make us stand out more as an establishment. I feel like it’s a creative niche, you know. Trying something different.”

Howard said The Brown Hotel’s crew has had these plans in the making for a while.

“It’s been a thought process from the beginning, but we just waited until now to act on it,” Howard said.

Future projects for The Brown Hotel will be aimed at its restaurant.

“We’re going to be focusing a lot more on our restaurant,” Howard said. “We’re trying to do a wing night. We’re trying to offer more food to everybody.”

Howard said The Brown has many musical projects to sustain.

“I think every day here is a pretty big day,” Howard said. “We have open mic, or we have an open jam, or we have a band. It’s kind of the same mentality every night, five nights a week. They’re all big, and that’s the thing that we’re really going with here.”

The Brown Hotel is located at 103 North Sixth St. and can be reached at 724-463-0881.