Tattoo Profile: Patrycja Empacher

Laith Zuraikat, Staff Writer,

Who: Patrycja Empacher (senior, English writing)

What: A barn owl with a compass below it

Where: Left forearm

Pain level: “Honestly, the line art wasn’t bad,” Empacher said. “The colors were more painful.”

Meaning: “I’m a military child, and I was born in Poland, so I’ve been traveling a lot,” Empacher said. “I’ve always wanted something with a compass, but circle tattoos are not really popular because they warp, so I wanted something with the compass, and I’m just a big fan of owls. I just like the wisdom behind owls.”

Any other tattoos?: Yes, Empacher has seven additional tattoos.

Reactions: “I used to work at Subway here, and I always got a lot of compliments on this one,” Empacher said. “I’ve had no negative reactions.”