Fast forward. The year is 2027.

Many of you students now have jobs, are likely married. You may have a child or two. You may have a home on which you have a mortgage and are paying taxes.

You work hard to afford this home to provide comfort and safety to you and your family. You cut your grass, trim the hedges, maybe have a pool to keep up after.

It is YOUR sanctuary from the outside world. Your refuge after a long day’s work.

But, you just happen to live in a college town. One that condones excessive drinking, partying, inviting friends in from all over to partake of these “festivities.”

Every year it gets bigger and bigger, with out of control crowds of highly intoxicated KIDS. Not adults, KIDS. Every year you dread what these festivities will bring, the destruction to your home, your property, your vehicles. The fear your children go through when they hear the screaming, see kids jumping on cars, urinating/defecating (oh yes, that actually happens!) on your property or others. Puking in the streets. Fist fights, and the most feared of all, gun shots.

You can sit back reading this and say it wasn’t students that caused the recent mayhem of a fatal shooting, and we know it wasn’t. BUT, when events like this take place, you open it up for all. This event gets advertised across social media bringing people in from other states! Luring “townie” kids in to party for two or three days.

If you didn’t have it, they wouldn’t come! So, are those who organized this responsible for the mayhem? Yes, indeed they are.

You can write asinine articles like the recent one by the editorial staff of The Penn that basically rubbed in the faces of the good folks of Indiana your lack of respect for our town. The four years you spend here are because of the good folks of this town who work in one capacity or another at IUP.

If this were your own parents’ homes being invaded by others behaving in the manner some of you did, would it bother you? Would knowing how hard your parents worked to provide you with a safe haven, only to be a target of unaccountable kids, bother you?

Please, come back when you are grown adults with priorities. With homes and families and sit back and watch the you of your past. Then tell me how much fun it is to wreck havoc on others.

You have zero idea what tax payers have been through since the reassessment of 2015. The anxiety they already suffer. You likely wouldn’t understand or care, because you have yet to reach that level of maturity.

Like it or not, those who organized IUPatty’s are just as responsible for the devastation that occurred as the ones who participated in it. You just give them a venue.

Laugh all you want now. One day you won’t think it is all so funny. Or, at least I hope you don’t because you finally reached true adulthood.

Tammy Curry