Students suggest ways to spend the break


Midterms are now the only thing standing between IUP students and spring break. As some view this as a time to be reckless and spend money, other students use it as a time to get ahead and make money. Some are simply content having a week off from the heavy college workload.

“I’m going to Arizona to drink margaritas, tear it up in golf and just enjoy the warm weather with my family,” Garrett Baerg (junior, marketing) said.

The 21-year-old’s advice to students for break is to stay off your phones and enjoy what’s around you.

Sawyer Yan (junior, marketing), originally from China, said he will also be traveling over break.

“My friends and I will be going to Florida to enjoy our spring break,” Yan said. “We will be exploring Universal and other nearby attractions.”

Some students will be traveling to different touristy parts of the U.S.

Yan is not the only student with vacation plans on his mind.

“A couple of my brothers and I will be kicking it in Myrtle Beach for the week,” Dustin Burrows (senior, management) said. “Honestly, I think we’re just excited to get away from it all for a little while.”

As some students are willing to spend money to venture for a warm-weather getaway, others will be returning home to do the opposite.

“I won’t be doing too much. I will just be working at Martin’s again and catching up with friends from home,” Kelly Kumetis (freshman, management) said.

“I’ll pretty much just be back home working with my friend and her horses,” Emily Ryan (freshman, criminology) said.

While some students will be putting in work hours over the break, others will be taking the time to enjoy themselves.

“I’m going to spend my time with my friends and family back home,” Trey Cone (freshman, biology) said.

Andy Beddia (freshman, undecided) will also be enjoying his time over break.

“I won’t be doing too much,” he said. “I’m going to a hockey game with my family, but for the most part, I’ll just be lying away spending time with friends and family.”

Well-rested students will resume classes March 20.