Punxsy dive bar parties, too


Midway Inn, a popular dive bar for locals and college students in Punxsutawney, is featuring several notorious area DJs Saturday and March 18 who are sure to bring a good time.

DJ Mad Maxx, a frequent performer at the venue who has been playing in the Punxsutawney area since 1991, will be preforming Saturday.

DJ Chewy, a rising performer who has built a reputation in the area over the last year, will hit Midway Inn March 18.

“The 18th is going to be a great event with cold drinks and good music,” Chewy said. “The crowd at Midway is always friendly, and the staff is top-notch and really fun to work with.”

Punxsutawney may be small, but it has a love for music.

“Midway is a great small-town pub,” Mad Maxx said. “It’s full of interesting people and a wide array of music preferences.

“Punxsy loves to party.”

Performing in Punxsutawney can be vastly different in comparison to a larger city. With a smaller area, there can be more competition and fewer events that need DJs.

“You have other DJs always trying to compete,” Chewy said. “I feel that if you are good enough, you’ll build a reputation based on your performance. Also, when you’re a small-town DJ, you must travel to further locations for jobs.”

DJ Mad Maxx noted the challenge contemporary DJs face in the bar scene.

“I’ve faced every kind of adversity you can think of,” Mad Maxx said. “The bar scene is very tough these days. In years past, the bars were full every night of the week. These days, you can only find that kind of entertainment on the weekends, and even then, attendance is way down from what it used to be.

“The younger generation hasn’t taken over the bar scene like our ancestors did. They don’t have the same social structure as the ‘over 30’ crowd does.”

Midway Inn attracts a young audience as a result of the nearby branch campus of IUP, but locals of the area also frequent the bar. The broad range of customers gives Midway Inn a chance to offer a wide variety of great tunes.

“We have $350,000 worth of legal music in our library,” Mad Maxx said. “I play all genres of music, and we get the latest hits before they’re known. I focus on top 40 dance, pop and rock. I also find that people like to dance to songs they know and love.

“Playing at this bar is so much fun – you get a mixture of people there. You have the young crowd who loves to dance, and also an older crowd that prefers older rock ’n’ roll and country music. We just play music for the crowd. We’re not a DJ service that plays what we want to hear. We play what the crowd wants. If someone requests a song, we are more than glad to play it.”