Library to change book availability


Spring cleaning is underway as plans to make room on the second floor of Stapleton Library are currently in progress.

According to library Dean Luis Gonzalez, Stapleton Library has about 489,000 volumes in it.

Recently, IUP has contracted with a third-party firm named Sustainable Collection Services which will allow the library to use a software program called Greenglass. Essentially, Greenglass allows the library to do an assessment of how often its books are used or checked out.

Additionally, it allows the library to compare its holdings with that of every other library located in the country. With this new software, the library will analyze the need for a large number of books, specifically narrowing it down to books that have not been circulated in the past 20 years.

Those that have not been used recently will be marked down for review by the the librarians, who will then look over the material and deem whether or not it’s necessary for the library to keep.

During this process, the teachers and faculty of IUP will also be briefed about which books are pending review. From there, they can then make recommendations about which books are worth keeping.

“Even if a book hasn’t been circulated in more than 20 years, some titles are seminal works, very important works,” Gonzalez said. “Those would be maintained. That’s why it’s a pretty big number.”

The books, however, won’t disappear completely.

Through Greenglass, students will still be able to view the older volumes, find out what library they are located in and obtain them through an interlibrary loan. This is the kind of loan in which a user in one library can borrow books from another library.

More than 15,000 volumes are being put up for review over the next two years.

With this process, students in the library will have another quiet lounge to study in on the second floor.