Wind and brass ensemble join to form one ensemble


The IUP Brass Ensemble will come together with the Keystone Wind Ensemble to perform a free concert at 3 p.m. Sunday in Fisher Auditorium.

“This is going to be kind of a group effort,” said Christian Dickinson, IUP music professor and IUP Brass Ensemble director. “No soloists.”

This concert will feature the Keystone Wind Ensemble and the Brass Ensemble combining to form the Keystone Winds Brass Ensemble. This collaboration will close the show with three pieces.

“I wanted to supplement the program that the IUP Brass Ensemble was doing with members of that [Keystone Wind Ensemble] group,” Dickinson said.

The Keystone Wind Ensemble is made up of IUP professors, IUP alumni and some students. The group was organized by Jack Stamp, former IUP director of bands, in 1992.

“They’re a group that, if you take what it is as a whole, is a really good alumni band,” Dickinson said. “So, really, all those people who are coming to play are guest artists.”

Many of the alumni-performers live out of town and practice with the group only the day before the concert.

“We go the day before and we rehearse, and then, boom, the next day,” Dickinson said. “All the people that are going to be playing are kind of professionals. They’re either music teachers or they’re still very active in the field.”

Many of the performers are located in the vicinity of Indiana.

“They do quite a little bit of playing around, and they’re all pretty local,” Dickinson said. “They’re all within about 50 miles of Indiana. So we’ve got lots of music teachers and graduates that are very close, so we’re lucky we’ve got those folks that are coming in.”

Some of the alumni performers in this concert were taught by the founder of the IUP Brass Ensemble.

“The IUP Brass Ensemble was founded in the 1960s by William Becker,” Dickinson said. “He was a retired IUP [professor], and he taught several of the students who will be playing in that group on March 5.”

Logan Carnes (sophomore, music education and music performance) is the only student that will be performing in the Keystone Winds Brass Ensemble.

“For the brass ensemble, it’s really unique because it’s only brass instruments in addition to some percussion,” Carnes said.

Carnes joined the music department with a desire to teach students.

“Going through school myself, it was always the best part of the day to go to music class,” Carnes said. “And especially in high school, I started spending more time going to music classes, and I just want to be able to do that for students; bring another aspect to their school in addition to all the math and English and science classes that they take.”

The ensemble will be ending the show with three pieces composed by Giovanni Gabrieli.

“He is known as one of the first composers to actually write specifically for brass instruments,” Dickinson said. “And it’s very well-known in the brass world as far as his music.”

The IUP Brass Ensemble typically puts on two shows per semester.

“The next one is going to be April 13,” Dickinson said. “We’re calling it a brass showcase.”