Clarinet players unite for Squawk Festival


As midterms and spring break approach, the IUP Lively Arts will be hosting events for students and faculty to take part in. One event is the IUP Squawk Festival, taking place from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday in Gorell Recital Hall.

The concert will feature an array of clarinet players from Indiana County, ranging from IUP students to middle school players and band directors.

This will be IUP’s first event to honor clarinet players, dubbing the day as the  “Squawk Festival,” as clarinets can often be squeaky and comparable to birds.

Directing the ensemble will be Dr. Rosemary Engelstad, an IUP assistant professor of music. Engelstad is currently in her third year of teaching clarinet at IUP, and this will be only one of many recitals she’s performed throughout her career. She described the
concert as an opportunity to bring in people outside of the IUP community.

“As clarinet players, we like to bond together, and it’s a good networking technique,” Engelstad said.

The concert itself will begin with an ensemble of clarinet players from surrounding areas, followed by a performance from Engelstad’s students.

Afterward, guest player Amanda Morrison will play a few pieces. Morrison is a clarinet player from the Pittsburgh area as well as a teacher at West Liberty University.

In addition to playing, she will also be hosting a master class for learning clarinet players in Room 121 of Cogswell Hall.

Following Morrison’s per-formance, Engelstad will be playing, featuring duets with band director and fellow clarinet player, David Martynuik, and student Anthony McDonald.

The concert is free, with IUP students and all members of the Indiana community invited to come and enjoy the symphony of squawks this Saturday.