Student provides inclusive environment with video game community


When senior Rachel Doig (communications media) isn’t assisting new students as an IUP Ambassador, she’s spending most of her time in the basement of Davis Hall producing “Press Start.”

“Press Start” provides a media outlet for the video game community, whether it’s playing games or discussing the latest news.

After starting with IUP-TV her first semester as a freshman, Doig knew that was where she wanted to be.

“It was the first year the show had started, too,” Doig said, “so I’ve seen it grow over the years. That’s leading me into what I want to do in the future, because I want to do television production and video.”

Doig was involved with video projects in high school, so when she came to IUP, she chose communications media as a broad field of study that interested her.

“One of the other producers on my show is my roommate,” Doig said, “so we’re always talking about video game stuff to begin with.

“We’re always looking for things to discuss on the show.”

As a producer, Doig is in charge of the many aspects that come together to create “Press Start.”

“I plan and get in touch with the whole crew of 20 people this semester,” Doig said. “I make sure everyone’s on the same page. I make sure the scripts are written for the different segments. I direct some of them.

“I set up each individual segment, whether it’s news in front of the green screen, decorating a set for a discussion or game play and help edit after we film everything.”

Almost every show includes a news segment.

Doig and the other producers research topics in the industry and write them into the script.

In their discussions, usually three or four people will talk about a certain topic.

Gameplays are a live playing of new games that a crew member may have bought recently.

They constantly seek out new games to talk about and get reactions from people, especially if they are particularly odd.

Doig is also one of the hosts of the segment that moves the show along in between other segments.

In addition to all of these duties, Doig helps with the Center of Media Production Research.

“They do a bunch of stuff,” Doig said. “They do individual video projects for clients that reach out to the communications department. They’re in charge of filming and broadcasting the football games, which I helped with last year.”

She also helped with a coding project for a graduate student through CMPR.

Doig joined IUP Ambassadors during its spring recruitment when she was a freshman.

“Their main mission is to be the connector between students and alumni,” Doig said.

“We do tours on campus for incoming freshmen. We do the salute to grads. We help with Philanthropy Day. We also host the Young Alumni Awards.”