Guest tuba player to perform at Gorell


When he realized all of his friends were having more fun in the band than he was, Dr. Tom Lukowicz switched to playing tuba.

Little did he know he was making a decision that would set his career path.

Lukowicz, a professor at Wright University in Dayton, Ohio, will be performing a guest recital Thursday in Cogswell Hall Room 121. Admission is free.

When he performs at IUP, Lukowicz plans to have a different take on music than what most people know. He will perform a before, present and after excerpt on three pieces related to composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

“I do not view my job as reinterpreting music,” Lukowicz said. “I view my job as showing the listener what the composer put on the page.”

In the past, Lukowicz performed with the hit Broadway musical, “Blast.” Once his contract was up, he moved to Pittsburgh to do some work with the Pittsburgh Symphony. He has also been a part of the Chamber Orchestra of New York and The Canton Symphony.

“When performing in a group, you are limited to what you can do musically as you are part of a way bigger machine,” Lukowicz said, “but when you perform solo, your musical talent is really able to shine through.”

Lukowicz has had many musical inspirations throughout his journey, such as Tommy Johnson, Craig Knox and Murray Crewe. He said that people like Crewe showed him what it really meant to be a musician, and that it doesn’t matter what instrument you play because they all make music.

“What’s really cool about music,” Lukowicz said, “is that it is the only art that has three parts: the composer, the performer and the audience – compared to a painting, which only has the painter and audience.”

Lukowicz earned his undergraduate degree in music performance from the University of Southern California in 2005. He later earned his doctorate from Michigan State University.