Trump wants to ax PBS, but especially PBS Kids

Samantha Barnhart, Editor-in-Chief,

This is a satirical news article.

Thursday morning, President Donald Trump told his 10-year-old son, Barron Trump, the real reason he plans to end PBS, PBS Kids and NPR.

“Of course it’s not because of funding,” Trump told Barron. “They get almost nothing.

“Some of those programs on PBS Kids haunt me.”

Trump cited the “outrageous diversity” in “Arthur” for his first reason.

“An aardvark hanging out with a rabbit, monkeys, a dog and a moose? I don’t want kids getting the wrong idea.”

With a faraway look in his eyes, Trump told a weeping Barron his main target: “Sesame Street.”

Ernie, Elmo and Bert from the show “Sesame Street.”

Trump told Barron that he received some nasty letters from some “6-year-old bullies” that said he looked like Ernie from the show.

Trump referred to his bullies as “orange-ists” because of the comparison.

Trump cited “Bob the Builder” as the only show he enjoyed on PBS Kids.

“I will be sad to see Bob go,” he said. “That guy knew how to build great walls.”

Barron, who is also a fan of NPR, reportedly asked his father to keep it around.

“What do we need NPR for?” Trump asked. “I already have a tiny desk.”