Students suggest Valentine’s Day flick picks


Anything Nicholas Sparks

“They are great for when you are in the romantic moment or you need a reminder of romance,” Amy Heggenstaller (sophomore, hospitality management) said.

Nicholas Sparks wrote many bestsellers turned into movies: “The Notebook,” “Safe Haven,” “The Best of Me,” “The Last Song,” “Dear John,” “The Lucky One,” “The Choice,” “A Walk to Remember,” “The Longest Ride,” “Nights in Rodanthe” and “Message in a Bottle.”

Elise Tate (freshman, child development) specifically chose “The Notebook” as her favorite.

“It’s romantic, and it’s a unique love story,” Tate said.

Set in the 1940s in South Carolina, two people, Noah and Allie, fall in love without the approval of their families. But with Noah serving in the war, will their love fall apart for good?
“50 First Dates”

“It’s about love and caring, and that is what Valentine’s Day is about,” Lauren Lehew (sophomore, fashion merchandising) said.

Henry falls for a local girl named Lucy. When he returns the next morning to see her, he learns that her memory resets every day.

“The Vow”

“It’s a good romance movie,” Kirstie Branthooper (sophomore, respiratory therapy) said.

When Paige and Leo get in a car accident, Paige is ejected from the car. She awakes in the hospital with no memory of her husband, Leo. Leo then attempts to make Paige fall in love with him again.

“Love Don’t Cost a Thing”

“It’s a nice movie,” Rakei Harrison (sophomore, sociology) said.

Alvin agrees to fix Paris’ car if she agrees to date him for two weeks. He gains popularity at the end of the two weeks. He then dates some of Paris’ friends, but has Paris fallen for Alvin?

“Lights Out”

“Makes you want to cuddle with a person,” Ed Bayliss (senior, management information systems) said.

Characters begin to discover a silhouette of a figure in the textile warehouse when the lights are turned off. After the owner, Paul, is gruesomely killed, is anyone safe?