Students give advice on coping with breakups


Valentine’s Day is all about love, but it can be an especially difficult day for someone going through a recent or painful breakup. For those people, Feb. 14 is a tough reminder of their recent heartbreak.

Some students who have experienced the all-too familiar feelings of pain and loss that come with the end of a relationship shared their advice on how to handle a breakup.

1. “When handling a breakup, the hardest thing is getting past the first few weeks. In the first weeks, people tend to think of themselves as missing something or thinking that maybe they should get back together, when they know that it wasn’t working. The best thing to do is to find something you love, like friends or music, and throw yourself into that until you feel better, because it will get better.” – Karly Taylor (freshman, English education)

2. “I think a key to handling a breakup is developing new or stronger friendships. Often there is a social hole left when you lose your significant other, and that can be one of the most difficult things to cope with.” – Olivia Habacivch (sophomore, criminology)

3. “My advice for a breakup is to stay busy, hang out with friends, double up hours at work and get into extra activities. I went through a rough breakup with someone, and I struggled the first couple weeks, but I found things that would keep me busy.” – Brianna Davis (sophomore, early childhood and special education)

4. “Just accept it, and if you see the person you broke up with start dating, don’t go insane, because that’s how problems occur. Just pray to the Lord.” – Amy Baker (freshman, criminology)

5. “Try to handle it the best way possible. Don’t be really harsh about it, because being harsh about it just leads to worse things. Wish them the best of luck. Don’t wish bad on them.” – Aleah Krug (freshman, theater)