Decorating for the holidays is possible with little money and a lot of glue

Nicolette Querry

Staff Writer

Students can be stressed while tight on money this holiday season. Here are some ideas to help you get festive on a cheap budget. All supplies can be purchased at the dollar store or supermarket.

1. An ornament wreath

What you’ll need:

• 24-30 ornaments, about 1-2 inches in diameter

• Hot glue gun

• A bow

First, arrange the ornaments in the shape of a wreath. Then, pick up one at a time and put hot glue in the areas where the ornaments will touch. Be sure to hold a freshly glued ornament in place until it begins to dry. When the ornaments are glued into the shape of a wreath, glue the bow on the top of the ornaments.

2. Fireplace bricks

What you’ll need:

• White plastic table cloth

• Red paint

• A sponge

• A paper plate/ piece of cardboard

Take the table cloth out of the package and open it up so it is lying flat on the ground. Next, put some red paint on a paper plate or piece of cardboard. Then, dip the sponge in the paint. When the entire surface is covered, press it onto the plastic table cloth. Repeat while shifting the sponges to the right on each row to replicate the look of brick walls. Let dry and hang on your wall.

3. The snow globe snowman

What you’ll need:

• Black construction paper

• Three spherical glass containers

• Ribbon

• Fake snow

• Hot glue gun

The first step is placing an even amount of fake snow in each of the three glass containers. Then, glue the containers on top of each other. Once the snowman body is constructed, cut out a skinny rectangle in the black construction paper. Make a cylinder with the rectangle and glue the sides together.

Next, glue around the top edge of the cylinder and press it to the remaining paper. Cut around the glue for the top of a snowman hat. Repeat for the brim of the hat, but cut a larger circle around the glued part.

Finish your masterpiece by cutting out a scarf from the ribbon and gluing it around the neck of your

When you are done using this a decoration, it makes a great gift.