Health students campaign against smoking

Kayla Murphy

Contributing Writer



     Every third Thursday of November, the American Cancer Society hosts its national campaign, the Great American Smoke Out.

     This event is meant to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences that accompany smoking.

     Dr. Christine Black, professor in the kinesiology, health and sport science department, created a class project for her students to help with this campaign.

     The project was to make a creative, factual pamphlet about the dangers of smoking. Data included on the pamphlets ranges from information about the 40 million Americans smoking cigarettes to the drop in smoking rates from 42 percent in 1965 to 17 percent in 2014, and is attributed to the

     Students from Black’s class dressed as cigarettes, stood in the Oak Grove and handed out these informational pamphlets Monday and Wednesday.

     Black chose Morgan Miller’s (senior, health and physical education) pamphlet creation as the best one to convey their message.

    “My favorite aspect of the project was making a positive impact in the IUP community,” Miller said.

    Black feels that it is important for the students’ health to know about the dangers of smoking. She hopes to continue to raise awareness in future events.

    “It makes me smile to know that the students are learning, and having a good time,” Black said. “Seeing them dress up as cigarettes was silly, but at the same time their way showing other students that they care.”