Senate Committee on Student Affairs discusses budgeting

Seth Woolcock

Staff Writer



The Senate Committee on Student Affairs (SCOSA) discussed the future of the Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC), students’ emergency contact information and Whitmyre Hall at their meeting Tuesday in the Monongahela Room of the Hadley Union Building

Cory Shay, director and U.S. military veteran, gave a presentation regarding the MVRC and their data, history and future endeavors.

The organization began in 2014 when Dr. Michael A. Driscoll, IUP’s president, approved a grant for its funding.

Two years later, the center’s “total interaction between itself and the military-affiliated students is through the roof compared to previous years,” according to Shay.

Shay said that the center has started a new work study program that greatly benefits students.

The center also has started the MVRC Newsletter to inform the public about its mission.

IUP’s Associate Dean of Students for Student Life and Community Engagement, Kate Linder, also touched on the school’s request for students to update their emergency contact information.

“It’s a great thing to bring awareness to, as it can greatly help reach out to someone if a student is presumed missing,” Linder said.

Linder also discussed the upcoming renovation of Whitmyre Hall for the 2018 fall semester.

“Many things will be improved upon, including the classrooms as well as the living area,” Linder said.

The graduate student assembly speaker, Wesley McMasters (graduate, English), said the group’s focus at the presumed time is to keep people coming to meetings and participating.

The Senate Committee on Student Affairs is scheduled to meet again in February.