Crimson Hoax: Senator Sanders could be the next president of the U.S.

Nikki Santiago

Staff Writer

Bernie Sanders could be considered for the presidency once again as of Tuesday night.

According to an NNC report, a scandal has revealed that most of the electoral results for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were fabricated.

The number of “real votes” has been recorded as fewer than those that were write-ins for Bernie Sanders, therefore making him the true president-elect.

The oddity of the scandal doesn’t stop there, however. According to the report, the truth about the electoral college manifested itself in the form of wishes.

Despite Sanders repeatedly discouraging his Democratic millennial base from voting for him, the senator from Vermont had enough students wishing for his win at 11:11 a.m. Friday (11/11) that it actually came true.

The government, while baffled, has no choice but to accept these new results and allow Sanders to take office in January.

Multiple demonstrations have been planned across the country to protest what is being called a “wishful miracle.”

The largest of these protests will take place Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Lawyers from both the Republican and Democratic sides plan to counteract this miracle by scheduling wish-making sessions at 11:11 p.m. Friday.

The White House and President Barrack Obama have remained silent on the matter, though witnesses saw Sanders enter the Oval Office Friday.

Trump supporters have been arguing about the rigged election since the news broke.

According to various sources, college students across Pennsylvania are among those responsible for the write-in votes.

Students at IUP are also planning a parade in Sanders’ honor to
take place Saturday in the Oak Grove.