Matt Bellassai ‘whine(d) about it’ all on stage

Kristy Shearer

Contributing Writer

This article contains opinion:

Matt Bellassai is one of those people who just says whatever he wants. His jokes just so happen to be all of the same thoughts you’ve had, too – you were just too afraid to say them.

Bellassai entertained IUP students with those jokes Thursday in the Hadley Union Building Ohio Room. Bellassai started out working for BuzzFeed, where he did a weekly video series called “Whine About It.”

During the series, Bellassai drank wine at his desk and complained about various topics. The series became wildly popular because viewers connected with his honesty and candidness. Now, Bellassai creates his own videos and goes on tour doing live comedy shows.

During his show, Bellassai talked about why he is single and wants to keep it that way. He said he prefers not sharing food with another person, and somewhere along the way in a relationship, an unspoken rule arises  that you have to share your food.

He went on to say that he never wants to take care of another person when they’re sick, despite how many episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” he’s seen.

He spent a lot of his time breaking down the worst part of having a significant other.

Bellassai laughed about how he was drunk while he made the PowerPoint slides he used throughout the evening and, at one point, he genuinely didn’t know why one of the photos was included.

“Matt Bellassai is just one of those people who says exactly what’s on his mind, and it turns out to be hilarious,” Jenn Kramer (sophomore, criminology) said. “He made some jokes that made even himself cringe, which just happened to make the show all the more enjoyable.”