New religious group to hold paintball war

Agatha Phillips

Staff Writer

A new religious organization, The U, will be holding a paintball war Oct. 22 at the World
War 3 Paintball center in Johnstown.

The U is run by Nick Carey, college director and pastor for Amplify Church.

Carey, his wife and a group of non-student leaders run The U. This new organization is a Christian group for IUP students centered on “bringing people into a real, genuine relationship with Jesus that goes beyond religion and morals. One that reaches even the fulfillment of the soul, while simultaneously building a community of people who are real, and genuine with one another,” according to Carey.

Although the group is a Christian organization, it is not only for Christians, Carey said.

“Our aim is to reach anyone and everyone,” he said. “Whether they are churched, unchurched, hurt by the church or frankly don’t care about the church. We really just want to create a culture where people belong and know they are loved.”

The group will be meeting in the Hadley Union Building parking lot in front of the Co-op Store at noon Oct. 22.

Interested participants can RSVP on The U’s Facebook group by Oct. 21.

The U regularly meets at 7 p.m. Tuesdays at the fourth floor loft of the Indiana Theater.