Fall in love with ‘Blood Wedding’

Stephanie Bachman

Staff Writer


Tickets for the IUP Dance Theater’s performance of “Blood Wedding,” which will run Nov. 4 to 6 in the Zink Hall Dance Theater, will go on sale Tuesday.

The Friday and Saturday performances will take place at 7 p.m., while the Sunday performance is scheduled for 2 p.m.

“Blood Wedding” is a renowned play written by Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca in the 1930s. García Lorca was executed by nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War, and his works are known for rebelling against societal norms. He focused on humanitarian issues that were taboo at the time, causing his work to be banned until 1953.

“Blood Wedding” is the story of a young bride-to-be who is visited by a former lover on her wedding day, which causes a bloody feud that threatens the entire ceremony. It is being told through dance as a story of love vs. deception, family vs. revenge and beauty vs. betrayal.

Dr. Holly Boda-Sutton is the director for the performance, and Dr. David Martynuik is composing the music. Nay’Quan Pack (fine arts) is playing the bridegroom, Michelle Ackerman (kinesiology) is playing the bride and Caroline Snyder (nursing) is playing Leonardo, the ex-lover.

Dr. Laura Delbrugge, an IUP Spanish professor, served as a dramaturge for the performance. She worked with the dancers and staff to ensure historical, political, social and geographical accuracy.

Boda–Sutton said García Lorca’s story contains themes still relevant that to communities today.

“One of the wonderful attributes of dance is that it can present to the audience something they may already be aware of but from a different perspective,” Boda-Sutton said.

“Also, dance is not as literal as words, so communicating through movement allows the audience opportunity to make their own interpretation of what is being presented,” Boda-Sutton said.

The performance uses dance to examine themes such as choice, fate, deception and love. It also deals with the ideas of fidelity, betrayal and revenge.

Boda-Sutton explained why IUP Dance Theater selected to perform this piece.

“There was a desire to examine the issues of the play, thus producing a dance version on the play in which the unfolding of the story would be communicated non-verbally through movement only,” Boda-Sutton said.

Students can purchase tickets at the Hadley Union Building box office, by calling 724-357-1313 or by ordering them online. Regular tickets are $15, senior tickets are $12 and student, I-Card and children tickets are $10.