Traveling tapestries: Man hopes to make a difference

Seth Woolcock

Staff Writer



If you’ve been past the Hadley Union Building lately, you may have noticed a tent, a van, some tapestries and a man with some big ambitions.

That man is Jordan Snyder, a 23-year-old graduate of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. Originally out of Honey Grove, Pa., this former history major is looking to make a difference.

It all started during Snyder’s freshman year at Shippensburg when he bought a simple tapestry. Snyder, who also minored in business and English, envisioned one day running a business of selling tapestries on the road.

After graduating from Shippensburg, Snyder decided he would set out and make his vision of starting his own business a reality before settling down to teach history.

However, there is more to Snyder than meets the eye.

“I didn’t do this to make money,” he said. “I did this to make a difference.”

Maybe that’s why Snyder sells his tapestries at two for $30 when they could easily go for nearly $40 apiece from other vendors.

But what sets Snyder apart from the rest is what he plans to do with his earnings.

He will be donating $750 of his income to feed grilled cheeses and smoothies to the homeless in Harrisburg.

That’s not the only surprise Snyder has in store.

In a few years, he hopes to have raised enough money to build an irrigation system in a Third World country.

Snyder says he doesn’t know where he plans to place the irrigation system yet, just as long as it’s going somewhere that will make an impact.

He hit the road a few weeks ago with one of his best friends since the sixth grade, David Hagas.

In addition to coming to IUP, Snyder and Hagas have already made stops at the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University on their trip around the state.

The duo departed from Indiana Wednesday night. They plan on setting up at Drexel University, Temple University, West Chester University, Shippensburg and Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

After finishing his college tour, Snyder plans to travel overseas. His destination list includes Ireland, England, France, Italy and Germany.

While abroad, Snyder hopes to acquire new items for his business. He also plans to make new business connections and travel the world when doing it.

His plan is simple: Sell all handmade items such as backpacks, purses, sweatshirts, incenses and hand-blown glass – along with unique tapestries – at prices that students can actually afford.

In the end, Snyder said, it’s all about giving back.

“It always feels good to do good,” he said.