‘Mind the Neighbors’ to perform in Indiana twice this weekend

Tori Stromberg

Staff Writer


If it weren’t for IUP’s Open Mic Nights, Sarah Everett (sophomore, communications media) and Josh Hudson (sophomore, music education) may have never discovered how talented they are together.

The duo, known as Mind the Neighbors, comprise just one of the many bands at IUP, with Everett on vocals and lyrics and Hudson accompanying on guitar.

“Josh first heard me play at an Open Mic Night and then ran into me in orchestra later that week,” Everett said. “We started discussing music and found that we liked a lot of the same styles of music. After Open Mic Nights at the HUB, we started heading to Cogswell [Hall] to practice covers and from there, the band was formed.”  It is safe to say that not only did IUP help create Mind the Neighbors, but living on campus did, as well.

Everett said the name of the band came from an experience living in the dorms.

“Last year, the people who lived in the dorm next to mine would bang on the walls every time we practiced, so we decided to be passive aggressive with our name,” Everett said.

Mind the Neighbors is no stranger to performing at The Artists Hand Gallery and Espresso Bar.  They attend Open Mic Nights there once a month, which run from 6 to 8 p.m., and they will hit the stage there again this Friday.

The duo is also slated to perform at the Firehouse Brewing Co. at 9 p.m. Saturday.

“Right now, our music deals with the ideas of growing up and learning how to be an adult,” Everett said. “I just turned 20 and Josh just turned 19, so we’re at the age where some of our older friends are getting married.  It’s a strange experience. I think right now we’re trying to let people know that it’s ok not to have it figured out.”