Broken Bonds: 5 almost TV couples

We all know those on-screen couples that were so close to their “happily ever after.” It was painful and frustrating to watch them never make it.

The ones who had all the chemistry in the world but could never seem to get it together. Even though the storyline might’ve been resolved in the end, the what-ifs still linger long after the series finales.

Here are a few almost couples that we can’t seem to let go of:

1. Lucas and Brooke – “One Tree Hill”

Brucas. Lucas and Brooke were the perfect balance of wild and tame. Reason and chaos. Promiscuity and faithfulness. The couple proved that matching tattoos doesn’t really mean forever. Who knew?

2. Jax and Tara – “Sons of Anarchy”

Jax and Tara were a gory and tragic love story. Kurt Sutter, the creator of the series, had everything but a happy ending in mind for this couple. Despite the series’ brutal conclusion, we’re still hoping Jax, Tara, Abel and Thomas will ride a motorcycle off into the sunset. Sigh.

3. Joey and Rachel – “Friends”

Joey and Rachel were the ultimate self-centered, blissfully ignorant duo. The two went from major crushing on each other and displaying undeniable chemistry to the friend zone. In retrospect, they would’ve made perfect sense, but they could never quite get it together between Rachel having Ross’s baby and Joey consistently wondering how every girl is “doin’.” We’re happy they stayed friends, but would they have been a better love match? We’ll never know.

4. Piper and Larry – “Orange is The New Black”

In the series premiere, Piper and Larry seemed like they had it all figured out. In fact, Larry seemed like he deserved “boyfriend of the year” for staying with Piper during her incarceration.

But what do you get when you mix a psycho ex-girlfriend and a back-stabbing best friend? The demise of an engagement. We’re still hoping the two find their way back to each other after Piper’s sentence ends.   

5. Nate and Serena – “Gossip Girl”

The Upper East Side’s ultimate “on-again, off-again” duo. Through six drama-filled seasons, Nate and Serena found their way back to each other after countless mistakes and relationships. These two should’ve tried harder for monogamy. We still wish their relationship was strong enough to handle all the gossip.