Lee Brice puts on a show for country crowd


Country music fans piled into the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex Saturday night as Lee Brice came to town along with opening acts Frankie Ballard and Dylan Scott.

Scott led off the night, setting the country tone with his upcoming song “My Girl.” Scott also told a brief story about legendary country music radio personality Bob Kingsley.

“Man, it would be cool if Bob Kingsley played one of my songs,” Scott recalled.  He went on to say that his dream came true with his latest single, “Crazy Over Me.”

Following a 15-minute break, Ballard hit the stage and performed his new single, “Cigarette.”

He also mentioned the upcoming release of his new album, “El Rio,” which is scheduled to drop in June.

After another break in the action, it was Brice’s turn to rock the Indiana crowd.

He brought the audience to its feet right off the bat with his song, “Hard To Love.”

A near-capacity crowd sang along and danced in their seats as Brice followed up with his hit, “Friends We Won’t Forget.”

“Here’s to all the nights we won’t remember/ and the friends we’ll never forget,” Brice sang.

One of the night’s highlights included Brice singing about one of his favorite things: beer.  He distributed free beer and a T-shirt to audience members, followed by a performance of his song, “Beer.”

Brice even cracked open and chugged his own beer on stage, drawing a laugh from the crowd.

He then previewed an upcoming song, “Smoke.”

“I don’t smoke ’cause I’d never get high enough to get over you,” he sang.

Toward the end of the concert, Brice took a more serious tone when discussing the importance of military and law enforcement to the United States.

“They do what they do for strangers, for people like us,” he said.

Brice then performed his song dedicated to the soldiers, “I Drive Your Truck.”

The finale included Brice reappearing on stage in an IUP football jersey to sing one of his biggest hits, “Parking Lot Party.”  Brice then departed and returned to the stage one final time to perform perhaps his most well-known song: the ballad “I Don’t Dance.”

The video montage displayed Brice and his wife on their wedding day, drawing an emotional response from the crowd.

At the conclusion of the performance, Brice expressed his gratitude to the audience.

“I’m thankful to each and every one of you for coming out and hanging out with us.”