April Showers Bring Great Entertainment

As the saying goes, April brings rain showers.  However, a sports fan would insist that the fourth month of the year provides many other things.

While the title “March Madness” suggests that the college basketball national tournament takes place only in March, its final games actually occur in April.

The Masters Tournament is professional golf’s first and most popular major event of the year.

Simple math says that April is but one-seventh of Major League Baseball’s season, however in the minds of fans it is so much more than that.  April and Opening Day offer the newfound hope and promise of spring after the drudgery of winter has finally come and gone.

Even though the sport that attracts more Americans than any other is in the midst of its offseason, the National Football League Draft brings fans of both the college and the professional game together.  That begins April 28.

Lastly, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association begin their annual rites of passage that will end with the crowning of a champion after long, difficult postseasons that followed long, difficult regular seasons.

In recap, April includes the college basketball national championship, the Masters, Opening Day in the MLB, the NFL Draft, the Stanley Cup playoffs, the NBA playoffs and much more.

Events from each of the aforementioned leagues appeared on the list of 2015’s most-watched sporting events from January through July 2015.

With that being said, April isn’t seen as a month that defines any individual sport or its professional or collegiate leagues.  But based off the amount of action it provides and the lack of attention that it receives on the national level, April can be considered the most underrated month of the year through the eyes of a sports fan.

And if the above information isn’t convincing enough, it might also help to note that April is the only month that includes major events of all four major sports leagues as well as happenings that appeal to the college fan.

So next time someone tells you that the weather in April makes them feel dreary, tell him or her to go turn on ESPN because it just might cheer them up.