‘The White Album’ could be soundtrack of the summer


The following is an opinion:

Rock band Weezer has returned with its self-titled 10th studio album, “The White Album,” essentially a record of happy summer anthems.

Despite it being released on April Fool’s Day, this new set of songs is no joke.

In a music industry focused on singles, Weezer carries on the storytelling appeal of a complete album.

The band’s new LP definitely seems to represent the evolution of summer, from the initial exciting freedom of “California Kids” to the inevitable fading of the season with “Endless Bummer.”

The former introduces the promise of summer as a way to cure the blues.

It flows right into the second song, “Wind In Our Sail,” an optimistic tune with references to science in the chorus and Greek mythology in the bridge.

“(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” begins with a sweet Beach Boys-type vibe, then transitions into happily chugging rhythm guitar and tambourine in the first verse – the perfect sentiment for a rock love song.

“The White Album” has plenty of other songs with a catchy chorus and beat to sing along to, such as “King of the World,” “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori” and “Jacked Up.”

“Jacked Up” features a jumpy-sounding piano and frontman Rivers Cuomo tackling a falsetto in the chorus.

This song’s sound creates an uneasy mood to complement the lyrics: “Oh why, why, why do my flowers always die?”

“The White Album” may not be classic ’90s Weezer a la “Pinkerton,” but it doesn’t need to be to entertain faithful listeners.