Lil Dicky bursts onto IUP scene


Rapper Lil Dicky spewed his wit and raunchy, yet eloquently spoken hilarity upon IUP students Thursday in the Hadley Union Building Ohio Room.

Pittsburgh rappers Norman Dean and Space Jam Jiff kicked off the show along with the rest of Team Epic, a group of young visionaries that’s determined to make its impression upon hip-hop. Its set list consisted of singles such as “Blu Dreams,” as well as a remix of Drake’s “Summer Sixteen.” The performers stayed interactive and hyped up the audience throughout the set.

Lil Dicky emerged after a collective-crowd countdown and ignited the evening with his hit “Professional Rapper.”

“I don’t really rap about a lot of stuff that rappers rap about,” Lil Dicky said.

However, he encouraged the audience to whip its imaginary Maybachs to the tune of “How Can I Become a Bawlaa,” from his 2013 mixtape “So Hard.”

“Guys, we forgot to sing the ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’” said the Philly rapper, who was cloaked in a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, which one could assume was his first joke of the evening.

Suddenly, the Ohio Room was filled to the brim with a rustled, enthusiastic crowd chanting the “Star-Spangled Banner” beneath the 28-year-old rapper’s lead vocals.

Lil Dicky proceeded to drench the front row with water from his water bottle as he expressed praise for his profession. 

“I get to, like, wet people, and they’re happy,” he said before leading into his hit “Work (Paid for That?).”

After performing the first three minutes of his 10-minute track “Pillow Talk,” Lil Dicky wished someone in the crowd a happy birthday. The crowd member attempted to initiate a conversation with the rapper during the concert, to which he replied with his notorious sarcasm:

“Some people have the most unrealistic expectations, like I’m just gonna stop the concert and take a picture.”

Several times during the show, the crowd shouted an “IUP, IUP” chant.

“Are you guys the Crimson Hawks?” Lil Dicky said, as an audience member threw a hockey jersey onto the stage. The rapper stripped off his Steelers jersey and sported some Crimson Hawks gear for a good portion of the concert.

“I really wish you washed it before we did this thing,” Lil Dicky said to the audience member who provided him with the attire.

“We made history right now, you guys don’t even realize it,” said the rapper over a rambunctious roar from the audience.

Lil Dicky announced that the show was the fastest sellout in IUP history, just before performing his recently released track “Just A Lil Thick (ft. Trinidad James and Mystikal),” for the first time ever.

He addressed what he described as “the total elephant in the room,” and gushed over his first love as he led into the song “Molly.”

While performing his hit “White Crime,” he dived into the middle of the audience, sending everyone into a frenzy, including Landmark Event Staff.

The carefully crafted stage lighting was then combined with the piercing flashlights from security as Lil Dicky plunged his way back onto the stage.

The rapper then pulled out a towel and started to wipe the stage.

“You can never be too careful in this business,” Lil Dicky said. “The other day, I sprained my ankle. I’m not asking for sympathy.”

Following his brief house cleaning, the rapper gave the audience the compliment of a lifetime.

“Everybody here goes hard,” Lil Dicky said. “You’re reading for one of the biggest moments of the semester, or the year, or our lives. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of rap songs about spending money…”

With that implication, the crowd went mad for “$ave Dat Money.”

Lil Dicky’s interaction went far beyond his anecdotes and crowd surfing. He selected an audience member, who he explained he had a “sexual moment” with, and serenaded her on stage as he performed “Lemme Freak.”

“Here are some flowers. Don’t press charges,” said Lil Dicky, as he exited the stage with the beaming crowd member.

“Thanks, IUP, I’m keeping the jersey,” Lil Dicky said.

He returned for an encore and performed his throwback “Ex-Boyfriend.”

Crowd reviews were positive.

“He was fun to watch live and I would definitely see him again,” Ashely Salemno (sophomore, criminology/pre-law) said.

“Lil Dicky made sure the crowd had as much fun as he was having. He kept the energy going,” Natalie Fiorenza (sophomore, nursing) said.

Lil Dicky was enthusiastic about his first IUP experience.

“It was sick!”