Zayn Malik goes in wrong direction with new album

The following is an opinion:

Singer Zayn Malik is definitely going one direction: downhill.

Malik, a former member of the pop group One Direction, released his solo album “Mind of Mine” March 25.

The album, produced by RCA Records, is comprised of 18 bubble-gum, unoriginal tracks. The album was everything that anyone would expect from the former 1D member: uneventful and reliant on sensationalism, full of techno beats  intended to overshadow his blatant flaws.

It was clear through the pseudo-bad-boy sexual act that the 23-year-old artist was trying too hard to make it seem like he was breaking out of his boy-band shell.

For example, the hit single “Pillow Talk” is essentially a pop ploy to entertain listeners through shock value. It’s exciting for Malik that he now possesses the artistic authority to use profanity in his music. But, newsflash: that doesn’t make it worth listening to.    

If listeners heard any song off “Mind of Mine” on the radio, each one would easily be lost beneath the catchier, shameless pop jingles from artists like Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber.

Unfortunately for Malik and everyone who listens to the album, the artistic failure doesn’t end with the last song.

The album cover is an image of Malik as a child covered in tattoos. Not only does it lack originality, but it can be seen as an insult to Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III.”

It’s too bad Malik couldn’t keep the destruction within the almost-nonexistent path of his own career. However, it’s a good thing for Lil Wayne that Malik is pretty much artistically irrelevant.

In addition, every song on the album is written in a combination of capitalized and lowercase letters, which makes readers feel as if they’re reading a 13-year-old girl’s AIM profile or Myspace “About Me.” If Malik thought this choice ensued any kind of depth, he was  DeAd WrOnG.

All in all, the album is a 45:20, pitiful pop cacophony. After a bumpy ride through a mind like his, anyone would most likely advise Malik to beg his way back into One Direction.