Is DiCaprio Oscar worthy? Look at his track record


*This article contains spoilers*

It’s no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio is a talented, diverse actor. He is able to transform himself into just about any kind of character you can think of.

So, why has he never earned an Academy Award?  He is no stranger to Best Actor nominations, inluding this year’s for “The Revenant.” With Leo in the mix for an Oscar, here are 10 highlights of DiCaprio’s career – moments that prove he’s long deserved an award.

1) In 1994, he portrayed Arnie Grape, a 17-year-old with autism in a working-class family.  He was only 17 when he portrayed this character, and he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

2) DiCaprio stole the hearts of women around the world when he played Jack Dawson, a poor vagabond who searched for a new life through adventure. His love for Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) was adored by women worldwide.

3) In 2005, he starred in “The Aviator.”  Not only did DiCaprio show the world what it’s like to have OCD, but also to suffer from the disorder while constantly in the spotlight as a billionaire.

4) 2006 was the year DiCaprio played Danny Archer, a South African mercenary on a mission to recover diamonds in “Blood Diamond.” DiCaprio’s South African accent was scrutinized by fans and critics, yet he was still nominated for an Academy Award.

5) DiCaprio played Teddy Daniels in the 2010 thriller “Shutter Island.” It was another role in which he portrayed a character with a mental disorder.

He made viewers believe he was Teddy Daniels, a U.S. Marshal investigating an insane asylum.

6) J. Edgar Hoover is one of the most well-known names associated with the FBI, and DiCaprio decided to take on that name in “J. Edgar.” Leo showed the hardships in Hoover’s professional and personal lives, including his alleged love affair with a man.

7) DiCaprio’s depiction of Calvin Candie in “Django Unchained” earned him a lot of recognition for being an infamous and cruel plantation owner. On set, Leo accidentally cut through his hand with glass but remained in character and continued with the scene until the very end.

8) DiCaprio helped to bring back a timeless novel in 2013 when “The Great Gatsby” was revitalized. DiCaprio helped society fall in love with the story all over again. His role as Jay Gatsby made women swoon all over again in a new day and age.

9) 2014 proved to be a year of dropping F-bombs and being a conceited billionaire for DiCaprio. His portrayal of Jordan Belfort in “The Wolf of Wall Street” earned him much recognition due to its sheer believability.

10)  “The Revenant” is a film like no other. DiCaprio’s performance as Hugh Glass, a fur trapper in the American Frontier wilderness, has been discussed for months.