‘High School Musical’ reunites


After a decade-long wait, the cast of “High School Musical” reunited to reflect on some of their favorite memories from the movie.

The 10-year tribute premiered on the Disney Channel Jan. 20, the exact date in which the movie was released in 2006.

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman all joined together.

However, it did not go unnoticed that an important cast member was absent: Zac Efron.

Fans on social media were heartbroken to discover that Efron, who played main character Troy Bolton, was unable to attend the reunion due to scheduling conflicts with his movie “Dirty Grandpa.”

Despite the scheduling conflict, viewers were still able to catch a glimpse of the star basketball player.high-school-musical-2

He appeared in a pre-taped message that was broadcast to the fans during the special.

“High School Musical” jumpstarted every cast member’s career, and although each star has gone in a different direction, all of them remain close friends.

“It is crazy to me that 10 years has gone by, I see this cast and I feel like it was yesterday,” Hudgens said. “I still love them so much, from the bottom of my heart.”

Efron, who played the ultimate heartthrob at East High, continues to play the quintessential hottie, starring in movies like “17 Again,” “Neighbors,” “We Are Your Friends” and now “Dirty Grandpa.”

The sweet and innocent Gabriella Montez, played by Hudgens, has moved past her relationship with Efron in 2010 and is now dating Austin Butler.

After “HSM,” she starred in the movie “Spring Breakers,” and is well known for her exotic and Bohemian style, often referred to as a “Coachella Queen.”

high-school-musical-4Sharpay Evans, played by Ashley Tisdale, has grown quite a bit from her character in the movie. Tisdale formed an entertainment production company in 2008 and is a cast member on the new TBS show “Clipped.”

In the past two years, she also turned 30 and got married.

Fans were happy to know that Hudgens was a guest at the wedding.

Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu took their dancing skills off the set of “High School Musical” and to the stage of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Lucas Grabeel landed a part in the third and fourth “Halloweentown” movies and is an actor of the Freeform show “Switched At Birth.”

To this day, “High School Musical” remains one of Disney Channel’s most successful original movies. According to USA Today, the franchise has sold nearly 4.1 million soundtrack albums and has reeled in 7.7 million viewers since its premiere 10 years ago.