What we’re really asking for is…


The holidays are fast approaching, and for many, it’s time to start filling out wish lists to give loved ones. For some, it might be an iPhone, for others, tickets for the Adele tour. For us here at The Penn, we created a list of bigger things we want to see happen in 2016 that might not fit in Santa’s bag.

Cody Benjamin, editor-in-chief: “What could be a greater gift in 2016 than to see people take the time to listen, understand and help each other no matter their backgrounds or situations? And, just for fun, it wouldn’t hurt to see Harrison Ford and Co. get started on the latest years-too-late installment of ‘Indiana Jones.’”

Samantha Barnhart, managing edtior: “I want to see changes in gun control laws. This Black Friday, the FBI processed 185,345 background checks for gun ownership, which was roughly two checks per second, AP reported. 2016 should see far fewer mass shootings than 2015.”

Casey Kelly, news editor: “As unlikely as it may be, I’d love for 2016 to bring a change to the newest generation. Children need to be outside playing on swingsets and in sand boxes with friends, rather than staying cooped-up inside, chatting with their kindegarten buddies on iPads.”

Chris Hayes, Wet Ink editor: “I’d love to see the Pirates get a solid, power-hitting first baseman. Also, I hope Frank Ocean is found so he can release his new album.”

Kyle Kondor, sports editor: “I want everyone to not take life so seriously.”

Mike Kiwak, copy editor: “I would love to see people stop profiling others for the acts committed by the scarce minority and instead work toward becoming educated and aware of why those acts occurred.” 

Samantha Nicholson, photo editor: “I want to see college made more affordable.”

Ailey Clark, new media editor: “I want people to start being more receptive of people who aren’t heterosexual, and the trans community. We have laws protecting people who identify as such, as well as laws giving them rights, but that doesn’t mean that these people are actually being treated fairly. I hope that in 2016 we see less hate.”

Alex Salyers, graphic designer: “The only thing I could ask for is a year better than 2015. A year with less political squabble, less hatred, less racism, less prejudice, and less ‘#prayersfor…’ It would be nice to see us all working together for once.”