The Penn Staff, 2015


In the wake of the Paris shootings, which left more than 120 dead, we are, as always, living what will later be told in the form of history. 

The news articles in this edition carry no explanation but the dates they originally ran in The Penn and were kept as they were printed, typos and all. 

Some will read the letter to the editor on page 9 and marvel at the chance to read a student’s perspective on civil rights from 1964, when race was a problem. To these people, we’d like to say:  Look around you today; race is a problem today; the civil rights movement is around today. 

To those who read this and marvel at how IUP responded to WWII, Korea, Iraq and the Cold War, we’d like to say:  Look around you today; you are living in a world of war today; how can IUP students respond today?

The events of history are drastically different lived than remembered. We hope this special throwback edition of The Penn inspires its readers to be both nostalgic and aware of the past while being actively involved in the present. 

Perhaps, years from now, our successors will read about what the current student body, professors and administrators have done while here. 

It is up to us, now, to decide what we leave behind.

Find our Throwback edition of The Penn featuring archived articles on campus or in the Print Edition section of our website.