Rank ‘Em: Sports and clubs you didn’t know IUP had



There are many athletic teams and clubs designed to bring students with common interests together at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, but not all of them are well known.

Here are some sports and clubs you might not have known existed:

1. Hula

Hula hooping is primarily thought of as an activity for children, but IUP senior Devyn Marenger (political science) disagrees.

“There’s a lot more to it,” she said. “It’s another form of dance.”

Members of IUP’s hula club, the Hoop Troupe, got their interest in hula hooping by attending music festivals and seeing just how big the activity really is.

When the club meets, there are no routines. Time is spent freestyling, relaxing and teaching.

The Troupe meets twice a week at the Memorial Field House’s Auxiliary Gym and anyone is welcome to attend.

2. English Equestrian

The English Equestrian Club is open to riders of all skill sets.

The purpose of the team, according to CrimsonConnect, is to “give moral, academic and material support to its members; to promote the advancement of the equestrian sport; to establish and maintain friendly relations between equestrians and equestrian schools; and to further the development of positive equestrian sportsmanship.”

Though it is an open club, students must maintain a certain GPA to be a part of the team. Also, beginning riders are required to try out in order to reach their appropriate riding level.

3. Fitness

The Fitness Club includes many different classes.

Gabby Naddeo (environmental studies), an active member of the club, said she’s trying to start a Les Mills BODYJAM class.

“It’s a great and fun way to get a cardio workout without the monotony of a treadmill,” Naddeo said. “Come boogie with us as we launch the newest release at the [Hadley Union Building].”


4. Stage Combat

The Stage Combat Club is an organization that teaches students stage fights in a theatrical setting. Students involved have the opportunity to learn and practice the techniques related to staged violence and have the opportunity to work with professionals in the field.

5. Fencing

The Fencing Club practices and competes on campus and in Pittsburgh. Shane Malachow (sophomore, computer science) said its members could be competing for the first time or in an Olympic qualifier, but the majority fall in between.

“Not a lot of people know about us,” Malachow said. “We’re always eager to teach new people about fencing.”

6. Rock Climbing

The Rock Climbing Club teaches students how to rock climb properly. The club goes to local spots and an indoor facility in Pittsburgh.

According to CrimsonConnect, “the Rock Climbing Club is designed to provide a sense of community and opportunity for rock climbers at IUP.”

7. Spike Ball

The club, which isn’t listed on CrimsonConnect, meets in the Oak Grove.

The point of spike ball is to hit the ball into the net so that the other team cannot return it, and each team has three tries to return. The game can be competitive or relaxed depending on the setting.

8. Men’s Volleyball

While IUP does have a varsity women’s volleyball team, it doesn’t have a men’s team. However, there is a club team, which is open to anyone attending IUP and travels with 12 players.

9. Women’s rugby

The women’s rugby team is split into an A-side and a B-side. The B-side is for teaching new players the game. There are no tryouts for making the team.

The team plays locally during the fall and travels to regional and national tournaments during the spring.

10. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is an up-and-coming sport that has recently reached the professional level.

The game consists of two teams of seven that pass a disc up and down the field, scoring by completing a pass into the end zone.

The IUP team meets three times a week and travels in and out of state, participating in weekend-long tournaments.