IUP professor, grad start virtual billboard company

Anthony Bonelli
Anthony Bonelli



At 24 years old, Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate Anthony Bonelli has gained success in the world of digital marketing, thanks to his passion and the help of a university faculty member.

Bonelli graduated from IUP in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in communications media.

He earned his master’s degree in adult education and communications technology in 2015, also at IUP.

When Bonelli attended IUP, he worked as a student worker in the library doing video production for Portia Diaz.

Diaz is an IUP faculty librarian, a librarian in residence for the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology and teaches a class in information access in the digital age and Internet and multimedia.

She is also the owner of Portia’s Donuts LLC, which owns Portia’s Bistro & Donut Connection on Philadelphia Street.

She also recently started a real estate holding company called Diaz & Stolitza Properties LLC.

Anthony Bonelli
Anthony Bonelli

Currently, Diaz is the CEO and director of market research at Greener Solutions.

She has called upon Bonelli to be its director of digital marketing.

“I think the story is about an IUP professor and an IUP student creating a business together because of the experiences they had at IUP,” Bonelli said.

“It’s because we both went through the institution, so we were able to meet each other to get this business going.”

Working alongside Diaz and Bonelli is owner, CFO and eco-contractor Philip Stolitza.

Greener Solutions is an eco-friendly marketing company that uses digital billboards for advertisements, according to Diaz.

The billboards run on high-efficiency LEDs to save clients’ money and time, as well as to help protect the environment.

“Our goal is to eventually utilize solar power on all of our billboards,” Diaz said in a Sept. 30 email.

The billboards also support video, which allows them to feature multiple advertisements on one billboard at the same time and at a high resolution.

“It’s kind of like watching a commercial but on the side of the road,” Bonelli said.

“We want Greener Solutions to be known as the company that has the best digital billboards around, and so far, we are.”

Diaz said she chose Bonelli to work with her because she believed he was a talented, hardworking student due to the time he spent with her as a student worker.

“He has received a solid education, but more importantly, some attributes that employers look for that cannot be learned from in books: work ethic and passion,” Diaz said.

Before taking the job at Greener Solutions, Bonelli was offered a job in Los Angeles to work for “The Talk,” a CBS talk show hosted by five women who discuss current events, pop culture, contemporary issues and family.

However, Bonelli decided that was not where he belonged and that Greener Solutions offered him a better opportunity to present his ideas.

“I decided that it would be great to move out of the state, move somewhere where video production is huge, get into the field working a job,” Bonelli said.

“But I’d be spending the next five years as a [personal assistant] getting coffee.

“You don’t need a job in L.A. to see the world,” he said.

Along with working for Greener Solutions, Bonelli also runs his own company, New Color Creative, where he works with aerial video and photography.

He mostly works with corporate videography, which includes corporate campaigns and commercials.

He also worked as a freelancer three years prior to starting New Color Creative.

“All my life, I knew I wanted to get into media,” Bonelli said.

“Ever since I was in high school, I had taken emphasis on media, specifically video production, and that correlated to deciding that I wanted to get my degree in a field that could cater to something that I love.”

When Bonelli first came to the university, he originally anticipated studying nursing despite knowing that digital media was something he had always been passionate about.

He realized almost immediately that he would never pursue a career in nursing.

“Before I went to my first class, I decided, ‘I’m not doing this, this is just not for me,’” Bonelli said.

“I want to do something that I love doing. If you love what you do, you will be successful.”

Bonelli said he is doing just that by working in a field that allows him to express his creativity and live his dream.

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