IUP seeking extras for new commercial



The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Communications and Marketing Office is planning to film a commercial on campus Oct. 12 and 13, and it is looking for students to star as extras.

There have been several IUP commercials in the past, but this one plans to use real students in their natural habitats to recreate a genuine college environment.

Michelle Fryling, executive director of communications and media relations for IUP, explained the goal for the upcoming commercial.

“I really feel […] that it be as authentic as possible,” she said.

“That’s why we insist that the actors in the commercial be IUP students.”

The footage will be taken over the course of two days.

Oct. 12 will mostly be interior shots of classrooms, Folger Dining Hall and the Crimson Cafe, and Oct. 13 will be shots of the Oak Grove.

At least 100 extras are needed, especially for the Oak Grove shot.

Communications media classes are volunteering their classrooms and students to be a part of the shoot not to only star as extras but also to get experience watching how a commercial is filmed and produced.

Fryling explained that some of the footage taken throughout the course of the two days will be used for upcoming projects.

“These two days will give us footage for a lot of other videos and products in addition to the commercial we’re going to produce,” she said.

There aren’t many speaking parts for the extras.

The commercial is mainly going to rely on the use of music and images that will really tell the story, Fryling explained.

“It really focuses on undergraduates and admissions, and basically telling the story of IUP,” she said.

“I think it’s going to make alumni and faculty really proud.”

Students can sign up to become extras through the Doodle Poll link provided in the website’s article, “Seeking Extras for IUP Commercial Shoot October 12-13.”

There will be time slots available to sign up all day long.

There are guidelines for appropriate clothing during the shoot. Extras are encouraged to wear IUP gear, and it is suggested they do not wear clothing with large wording that advertises or represents another college, business, clothing store, etc.

The commercial will mostly broadcast throughout Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh region; however, it will also reach as far as New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

The commercial is set to launch in the spring, but there could be some previews as early as December. Once the commercial is finished, students will have access to it through IUP media.

“I want people to watch the commercial and feel like they’ll fit in here at IUP,” Fryling said. “I think we’re a great institution that is such a great fit for so many students, and we just want to get our story out there.”