Delicate Membrane open in Kipp Gallery


Delicate Membrane, an exhibit featuring the work of artists Daniel DiCaprio and Josefina Concha, opened Thursday in the Kipp Gallery located in Sprowls Hall.

The exhibit will run through Oct. 8.

Concha is a fiber artist from Chile, and DiCaprio sculpts and makes jewelry.

Concha’s work imitates painting through fabric. While there was not much variety in the color choices Concha made, it was the unique stitching designs of every piece that made all of them different.

Because no two pieces were stitched the same, they each took on their own shape that allowed the viewer to be able to see a different story in every fabric and every stitch.

On the other hand, DiCaprio’s work was a mixture of sculptures and jewelry that ranged from a couple inches in size to a couple feet.

It was inspired by hair, body parts and different organism forms. He had some pieces that were indicative of arteries, while others reminded the viewer of organs or even bacteria.

Chris McGinnis, director of the gallery, explained how DiCaprio’s work was done on a micro level, while Concha’s fabrics were more macro level in scale.

Together, these two styles oscillate between two ends of a spectrum but they come together and complement each other taking the audience on a ride from the small to the large, according to McGinnis. Together, their pieces blended the natural and synthetic.

McGinnis expressed his excitement about the exhibit and why people should come see it.

“I’m excited to bring in a wide range of different styles of works,” McGinnis said. “It’s exciting for me to highlight these different types of works.

“People should check out the exhibit because one of the artists is from Santiago, Chile, and [you can] never see her artwork again. It is an opportunity to see something unique and really high quality.”

Laura Scott (freshman, undeclared) discussed her thoughts on the exhibit and the artwork as well.

“It’s actually very unique,” Scott said. “It is different from anything I’ve seen before. Art might not be your thing, but [visiting the gallery] could put you on a journey to discover what you’re into. Everything has its own message, and it just depends on how you see it.”