Xfinity: A possible option for college students this year


It is likely students who moved out of the residence halls and into off-campus apartments and housing had to choose a cable plan.

Xfinity, much like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, offers discounts to college students. One such option is the $90 Xfinity X1 deal that offers 150 channels, including HBO and Showtime, high-speed internet and access to Xfinity On Demand.

Students with that plan have access to nearly 1,000 free movies on Xfinity On Demand, which is an alternative movie source with just the click of a few buttons.

Almost every day, movies come and go, but as of right now, 953 free movies are offered On Demand, along with the endless amount of movies that are available to rent and buy as well.

Having this many options can be a curse and a blessing, because sometimes choosing what movie to watch takes longer than actually watching it.

Some of Xfinity’s newest free movie releases are “Wild,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “My Girl,” “Next Friday,” “St. Vincent,” “Inherent Vice,” “American Hustle” and “Olympus Has Fallen.”

As movies get added to the list, other movies get taken off.

They include “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love.,” “Divergent,” “Shutter Island,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” “The Lone Ranger” and “Failure to Launch.”

While there are plenty of low-budget, never-heard-of independent films to scroll through, there are just as many critically acclaimed, A-list movies available as well.

2015 Oscar-winning movies and Best Picture nominees “Boyhood” and “The Theory of Everything” are available for a limited time.

2015 Best Picture Oscar winner “Birdman” is on the list of free movies, as well as winner of Best Picture in 2013 “12 Years a Slave” and 1997 Best Picture winner “Titanic.”

Some late ’90s and early 2000s quirky teen-scheme, revenge movies available for free are “She’s All That,” “Cruel Intentions,” “John Tucker Must Die,” “Whatever It Takes” and “10 Things I Hate About You.”

Some light-hearted comedies that perhaps don’t require attentive scrutiny are “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Wedding Crashers,” “21 Jump Street,” “Dumb and Dumber To” and “Neighbors.”

“The Cheetah Girls,” “Cadet Kelly,” “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” and “Inspector Gadget” are also available under Disney titles.

Xfinity also offers a deal for college students which, upon agreement, enters the customer for a chance to have “Saturday Night Live” star Keenan Thompson host a class at the winner’s college town.