SGA holds final meeting, announces new positions


The 2015-16 executive positions for the Student Government Association were announced at their final meeting of the semester Tuesday in the Hadley Union Building Allegheny Room.

The meeting was directed by SGA President Marissa Olean (senior, criminology) and Vice President Elijah Rosenthal (senior, political science).

SGA faculty and staff adviser Kevin Foster announced the new positions.

Alex Kavounas (sophomore, marketing) will be representing internal affairs, and Nick Walter (freshman, criminology) will be representing external affairs.

Hailey Tutton (junior, political science, pre law and philosophy) will continue as chief justice of the Board of Arbitration.

Mike Robbibaro (sophomore, business management) will continue as treasurer.

A secretary position had not yet been filled for next year, so all members of SGA voted, and Kayla Straub (sophomore, psychology) was chosen to fill the position.

Also at the meeting, old and new business was addressed among the internal and external department reports, addressing the construction of a bike trail and the extermination of bugs in buildings.

Diana Cesar (junior, management information systems), outgoing director of external affairs, commented on the highway cleanup and thanked everyone for their contributions.

For the 2015-16 school year, Vincent Lopez (sophomore, English and political science) will be SGA president, and Tyron Snead (freshman, political science) will be vice president.

They were elected in April

Graduate assistant Britany Gallagher and Foster gave end-of-the-year speeches to the seniors and the newly appointed executive board members.

“It’s been a long, windy road, but they put you in a direction in which you will be successful,” Foster told Olean and Rosenthal.

“I look forward to working with all of you to see what we can achieve.”

Gallagher also commented on the success and achievements that all the SGA members accomplished.

“For the two years that I’ve been here, I’ve not only been able to watch you learn and grow as student leaders, but I have also grown and learned myself.”

At the end of the meeting, 21 students were sworn into SGA for the 2015-16 school year.